We Are a Fan of the Keto Lifestyle and Here’s Why:

The Keto diet was first studied in people with seizures. It has been found largely to help with brain function and heart health if done correctly. It has been known to help people lose weight, help maintain weight, and may potentially reduce the risk of certain cancers. The Keto diet focuses on good fats that the Standard American Diet (SAD) doesn’t offer.

Our bodies need Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids most commonly at a 4:1 ratio. That’s 4 Omega 6 per every 1 Omega 3 fatty acid. And the typical person on SAD is getting between a 10:1 and 50:1 ratio. That’s way too much Omega 6.

​Foods that naturally have more Omega 3s include avocados, certain nuts, flax seed, olive oil, coconut oil as well as some other foods.

Dr. Sandy will often recommend a specific 3 month fasting Keto Diet if weight loss is your goal. She was able to lose 26 pounds in 6 weeks and keep it off. After achieving your goal weight it tends to be easier to adapt the Keto Lifestyle. (There is a difference between the diet and the lifestyle).

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