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How will you defeat the ravages of stress? Doctors today know we are all suffering from a new kind of stress never before seen in human history. Fortunately, in one 20 minute BrainTap session you can achieve the relaxation response, a state known for conquering stress – which makes BrainTap a “no-brainer” for home health maintenance.


The visor is equipped with soothing blue lights that pulse at frequencies known for brain balance and profound relaxation. All you do is close your eyes and relax. In minutes you’ll feel as if you’ve landed on Cloud 9! After the session your brain will recharged so you are ready to seize the day!


In the earphones, you’ll hear relaxing sound pulses and Dr. Patrick Porter’s affirming messages. But that’s not all! Precise light frequencies strategically directed in the ear help calm the nervous system and relax muscles. After just twenty minutes, serenity and balance can be yours.


In Office Sessions

BrainTap is a brain entrainment program where you are training your brain to respond differently. This could be for better sleep, sports performance, pain, weight management and lifestyle choices, or to better handle stress and anxiety. There are over 50 programs that help you change your habits. You can visit their website to learn more information and what programs are offered HERE .

Individual sessions are offered for $25 each or purchase a package of 8 sessions for $150.

Each session or entrainment really only works on the brain for about 3 days when first starting. We recommend scheduling sessions for Mondays and Thursdays for 4 weeks straight. This is why we sell an 8 session package. It will take at least 28 days to change a habit.

Please call the office to set up your appointment.

BrainTap at Home

One headset can benefit the whole family!

Headsets sell for $647 plus a monthly subscription for access to the entrainment sessions which are updated regularly. The headset works with the BrainTap app and will plug into most phones and tablets. The app is free, but with limited sessions. To gain access to their library will require a monthly subscription between $10-$30.

You can order your own equipment by clicking HERE

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